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Top 25 Food Allergy Mom Blogs – Circle of Moms

28 Oct

Top 25 Food Allergy Mom Blogs – Circle of Moms.

Are you a mom blogger with a food-allergic family member? We’re searching for the best food allergy mom blogs — blogs that share allergen-free recipes, cooking tips, products, stories, or support for food-allergic families.

Help us find the Top 25 Food Allergy Mom Blogs by Nov 16, 2011 at 5pm PSTby voting once every 24 hours for your favorite blog. All votes acquired through bots (or any other unfair voting mechanism), and blogs that do not fit in this category will be removed before the list is finalized.


Testimonials effective in recognizing food allergy risk « – College Media Network News

21 Oct

Testimonials effective in recognizing food allergy risk « – College Media Network News.

A research team at K-State is finding ways to educate future restaurant managers and employees about food allergies. Whether it comes from the sea, a plant or an animal, allergic reactions to foods can be dangerous and sometimes fatal.

K-State researchers are currently working on a project to educate and train managers and employees in the food industry to better recognize and serve customers with food allergies.

Researchers optimistic about curbing effects of peanut allergy

12 Oct

Researchers optimistic about curbing effects of peanut allergy

via Researchers optimistic about curbing effects of peanut allergy.

A possible way to prevent the inflammatory immune reaction that results from peanut allergies has been reported by researchers at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in the current issue of the Journal of Immunology.

The lead researchers said it is the first time their particular method for creating immune tolerance has been applied toward allergic diseases.

“When you think about everything you eat, you’re introducing these food allergens into your body,” said Paul Bryce, study co-author and assistant professor of medicine. “The intestinal tract is unique in being able to educate our immune system not to respond to those, and one way is through generating regulatory T cells.” 





Gluten-free diets are no health fad

11 Oct

by Erin Odom

I’m finding I’m not alone in this.
According to, at least 1 in 133 Americans suffer gluten intolerance. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease associated with gluten intolerance. We are not yet sure if my daughter has celiac. A diagnosis would require a colonoscopy, and we aren’t ready to put our 3-year-old through that.
The cure for both celiac and gluten intolerance is to go completely gluten-free.

Is gluten-free for me?

“Eating gluten-free is not meant to be a diet craze,” said Rhonda Kane, a registered dietitian and consumer safety officer at FDA. “It’s a medical necessity for those who have celiac disease.”

Gluten-free is not synonymous with low fat, low sugar or low sodium. For people who must be on a gluten-free diet, Kane said it’s important to check the ingredients list and Nutrition Facts information on food labels to find the most nutritious options.
Some foods are naturally free of gluten.  Here are some examples: 100 percent fruit or vegetable juices; butter; eggs; fresh fish, such as cod; fresh shellfish, such as clams; fresh fruits and vegetables; honey; lentils; milk not flavored with ingredients that contain gluten, such as malt; non-gluten-containing grains, such as corn; peanuts; seeds, such as flax; tree nuts, such as almonds; and water, including bottled, distilled and spring.

Wheat Allergic StickerWheat Allergic Sticker

Study shows promise against peanut, other food allergies – Chicago Sun-Times

11 Oct

Study shows promise against peanut, other food allergies – Chicago Sun-Times.

A new preclinical study is raising hope of a potential cure for peanut and other food allergies, having found a way to turn off a body’s life-threatening allergic response to peanuts.

The study by researchers at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine achieved peanut tolerance by attaching peanut proteins onto blood cells and reintroducing them to the body — tricking the immune system into thinking the proteins pose no threat.

Sublime Shambles of a Shell: Homemade allergy food posters

10 Oct

Sublime Shambles of a Shell: Homemade allergy food posters.

A great idea here, make your own posters from junk mail of “safe | not safe” foods for the kids in your family.

I showed them the foam letter stickers and let them help me find the correct letters to create the different poster titles – ‘SAFE’ and ‘NOT SAFE’
This proved a good way to allow them to use letter recognition and the added fun of peeling and sticking each letter on the paper, rather than Mummy just writing the words on the paper.

The munchkins went through the small basket of food pictures, one by one taking turns to apply the glue and stick on the correct poster as to weather the particular food was safe or  not safe for their current allergies.

Tree Nuts: Labels 101 | Frugal Food Allergies

9 Oct

Tree Nuts: Labels 101 | Frugal Food Allergies.

Learn all about Tree nuts and Food Allergy

Tree nuts are sneaky little things. They can hide all over the place in things like salad dressings, salads, baked goods, sweet treats,  breading, barbecue sauce, pasta and pesto.

A tree nut allergy, like a peanut or shellfish allergy, tends to be lifelong. Let’s get comfortable with reading our labels so we can stay as safe as possible, shall we?

Researchers Develop Improved Food Allergy Training

9 Oct

Researchers Develop Improved Food Allergy Training.

“Consumers with allergies are frustrated,” said the principal investigators. “They are actually putting their lives in danger by buying and consuming food prepared by someone else. There is a need for consumer education to make sure the customer clearly communicates what his or her specific needs are to the restaurant staff. But even with that communication, people are still frustrated by the apparent inability of food service operations to assure allergen-free food.”

Researchers engineer new way to inhibit allergic reactions without side effects | R&D Mag

8 Oct

Researchers engineer new way to inhibit allergic reactions without side effects | R&D Mag.

Researchers from the University of Notre Dame have announced a breakthrough approach to allergy treatment that inhibits food allergies, drug allergies and asthmatic reactions without suppressing a sufferer’s entire immunological system.

“Unlike most current treatments, this approach prevents allergic reactions from occurring in the first place,” says Basar Bilgicer, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering and chemistry and biochemistry and principal investigator in Notre Dame’s Advanced Diagnostics & Therapeutics initiative.

Allergies: A Leickly Story » Oral Food Allergy Challenges

8 Oct

Allergies: A Leickly Story » Oral Food Allergy Challenges.

Conclusions- the authors concluded that in the absence of a history of anaphylaxis, the primary reliance on serum food-specific IgE testing to establish the need for a food elimination diet is not sufficient, especially within the population of children with atopic dermatitis. Oral food challenges are indicated to confirm the presence of a food allergy.