get allergy wise: Protecting our kids: a continuous balancing act

4 Oct

get allergy wise: Protecting our kids: a continuous balancing act.

[Irene from get allergy wise ]

Irene discusses some experiences had by her son at a new school, another of her meeting the parent of another food allergy sufferer and a third more disappointing experience of seeing some negative comment and attitudes on Facebook about food allergy.

Various people chimed in suggesting that nut-free environments at school were overly restrictive and that makers of “Peanut-Free Zone” posters were making huge profits.  One commenter, who was subsequently praised by others, declared that if she had a child with severe food allergies, she would simply homeschool her kids to ensure their safety and avoid subjecting other families to hassles for the good of one child. 

As a mom with a child with a life-threatening peanut allergy who did try homeschooling and actively educates her kids and adults on managing safe nut-free environments, my friend was completely taken aback by the obvious resentment that people felt towards accommodating environments to safeguard against nut allergies.  I have to admit, after she showed me the thread, I was a bit stunned, too.  At least these folks weren’t shy about being honest.


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