Food allergy sufferers negotiate the minefields of dining out

10 Nov

via washingtonpost

By Jacqueline Church, Wednesday, November 9, 3:41 AM

Jacqueline describes the frustrations and struggles that a diner with food allergies has to face when dining out.

An almost imperceptible reaction flickered across the waiter’s face when I broke the news: “I have a dairy allergy.” He seemed annoyed. I winced. But then he smiled and assured me, “Once I put the words ‘Dairy Allergy’ on this ticket, the whole kitchen will know, and no dairy will touch your order.”

…Then the fish tacos arrived at my table — drizzled with a sour cream sauce.I’m allergic to more than dairy, as it turns out.


My most severe response — anaphylaxis, a life-threatening full-body reaction to an allergen — happens after I eat hazelnuts (formerly my favorite nut) but is prevented if I’m quick enough to inject myself with epinephrine.


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