New Research Offers Insight Into Why Peanut Allergies Develop

6 Apr

New Research Offers Insight Into Why Peanut Allergies Develop.


A study funded by the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (or FAAN) recently uncovered potential clues to why peanut allergies develop in some children, but not others. Researchers are trying to answer this question in order to learn how to prevent peanut allergies from occurring in the first place.

Researchers at the Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, St. Thomas’ Hospital in London, looked at the blood cells of children with peanut allergy and compared them to children who are not allergic to peanuts. They keyed in on the immune cells that respond to the peanut allergen, and learned that these lymphocytes appear to carry a surface marker – an “address” offering clues about where the peanut allergen was first encountered. They found different markers depending on whether the exposure occurred through the skin (environmental exposure) or through the gut, and learned that the marker for skin was associated with a peanut allergy diagnosis.


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