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Dining Out With Food Allergies

29 Apr

Dining Out With Food Allergies

If you have a food allergy, you understand how stressful eating in a restaurant can be. Uninformed servers, a mix-up with your order, or cross-contamination in the kitchen can turn an evening out into a trip to the emergency room.

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Boy Tries To Harm Step-Mom By Causing Peanut Allergy Reaction

24 Apr


A 12-year-old boy tried to hurt his new step-mom by hiding peanuts in her toothpaste, knowing that she had a severe allergy to peanuts. According to the Courier News, a court has been told that the “attention seeking” boy, who is now 14, tried to trigger a life-threatening allergic reaction between February 1st and March 12th, 2010

Food Allergy and Field Trips: How to Keep Kids Safe

23 Apr

via the Nut-free Mom blog.

Field trips for kids with food allegies can be a real concern for parents. Visit Jenny’s post here.

I’ve chaperoned many field trips over the years and I’ve learned a lot about avoiding potential food allergy field trip pitfalls. Even if you can’t personally attend the field trip, you can still take steps to create a safer experience.


Have your child eat lunch in view of the teacher. Many allergic kids will get an “honor spot” next to or near to the teacher at lunchtime so that the teacher can easily keep an eye on them.

The Tragedy of Peanut Allergy Anaphylaxis

8 Apr

via allergicchild

This month’s main article will touch many hearts. Dee Benson, mom to Laura, lost her beautiful 18 year old daughter to peanut-induced anaphylaxis in 2004. She’s never told Laura’s story and wanted to tell all of you about her. It’s heart-wrenching to realize that we really do deal with life and death when managing food allergies.

The Nut-Free Mom Blog: Food Allergy Memoir: “Feeding Eden” by Susan Weissman

6 Apr

The Nut-Free Mom Blog: Food Allergy Memoir: “Feeding Eden” by Susan Weissman.

Feeding Eden,” by Susan Weissman is a new memoir that speaks to the heart of what it means to parent a child with severe food allergies, everything from finding safe foods to exploring medical care, and ultimately, learning to live with your new normal. 

So much in this book is validating for the food allergy parent, who is often ridiculed or taken to task for their cautious approach to what others think of as harmless activities. Says Weissman in her book, “When I break from routine, there is always a risk particular to Eden. Whether I hire a new baby-sitter, purchase a new brand of tortillas, or plan a family day trip by ferry, I chance the unforeseeable.” Well said and truly understood only by another parent facing food allergies. 

get allergy wise: Disneyland: Our Food Allergy Experience

3 Apr

get allergy wise: Disneyland: Our Food Allergy Experience.

read about a families recent experience with a trip to Disneyland.

Because I hadn’t planned in time to make the 14 day advance special accommodations for multiple food allergies, uncommon food allergies, or multiple guests with food allergies, I decided to accept their other option and just book reservations through their reservation hotline, have the allergies noted on the reservation tickets, and speak to the chefs when we arrived at the restaurants.

The Nut-Free Mom Blog: Food Allergies at School? “Safe” Easter Party Strategies

27 Mar

The Nut-Free Mom Blog: Food Allergies at School? “Safe” Easter Party Strategies.

Another great post from the nut-free mom, covering some clever tips and suggestions on dealing with Easter Parties at school for kids with food allergies.

Based on my own experiences and my own observations at numerous school parties over the years, I have some suggestions about how to make parties safe for everyone, fun for everyone and definitely less stressful for parents, teachers and kids.

3. Emphasize non-edible activities. There is too much food at school and frankly, most teachers are probably not enjoying the sugar buzz that the candy creates in the classroom. What about some fun, creative crafts? Younger kids love to make things!

Avoiding Food Allergens On College Campuses

11 Mar

With every college campus offering at least one dining hall, are there enough choices to accommodate everyone? According to the TexasUniversity Star, the food in many college cafeterias does not offer appropriate food for college students with severe food allergies.

The Nut-Free Mom Blog: Food Allergies and “Safe” Activities: How Do You Decide?

8 Mar

The Nut-Free Mom Blog: Food Allergies and “Safe” Activities: How Do You Decide?.

One of the most frequent questions I hear from parents of kids with food allergies and peanut allergy, especially, is whether or not a certain activity is “safe” for their child.

…I think it’s important for parents to give themselves a break when it comes to dealing with food allergies. While it’s important to find ways to do things that kids really want to do, we shouldn’t feel like we have to take heroic measures to do every single thing.

Jenny offers practical, from-the-heart advice on planning for activities for kids with food allergies.

Renowned Disney World Chef Spearheads Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Policies

7 Mar

While with Disney, Chef Joel trained chefs, managers, and servers on food allergy procedures. He also sourced ingredients free of the top 8 allergens and asked for guest feedback, wanting to know which allergen-free products guests preferred.

He recently released a book titled “Serving People with Food Allergies: Kitchen Management & Menu Creation” about his experience developing allergen-friendly menus.