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Dining Out With Food Allergies

29 Apr

Dining Out With Food Allergies

If you have a food allergy, you understand how stressful eating in a restaurant can be. Uninformed servers, a mix-up with your order, or cross-contamination in the kitchen can turn an evening out into a trip to the emergency room.

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Food Allergy and Field Trips: How to Keep Kids Safe

23 Apr

via the Nut-free Mom blog.

Field trips for kids with food allegies can be a real concern for parents. Visit Jenny’s post here.

I’ve chaperoned many field trips over the years and I’ve learned a lot about avoiding potential food allergy field trip pitfalls. Even if you can’t personally attend the field trip, you can still take steps to create a safer experience.


Have your child eat lunch in view of the teacher. Many allergic kids will get an “honor spot” next to or near to the teacher at lunchtime so that the teacher can easily keep an eye on them.

Food allergy sufferers negotiate the minefields of dining out

10 Nov

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By Jacqueline Church, Wednesday, November 9, 3:41 AM

Jacqueline describes the frustrations and struggles that a diner with food allergies has to face when dining out.

An almost imperceptible reaction flickered across the waiter’s face when I broke the news: “I have a dairy allergy.” He seemed annoyed. I winced. But then he smiled and assured me, “Once I put the words ‘Dairy Allergy’ on this ticket, the whole kitchen will know, and no dairy will touch your order.”

…Then the fish tacos arrived at my table — drizzled with a sour cream sauce.I’m allergic to more than dairy, as it turns out.


My most severe response — anaphylaxis, a life-threatening full-body reaction to an allergen — happens after I eat hazelnuts (formerly my favorite nut) but is prevented if I’m quick enough to inject myself with epinephrine.

Dining Out With Food Allergies: Is It Safe To Assume…Anything? | Care2 Healthy Living

25 Sep

Dining Out With Food Allergies: Is It Safe To Assume…Anything? | Care2 Healthy Living.

some restaurants simply don’t want to deal with the culinary gymnastics required to deliver a truly allergen-free meal – not to mention the liability issue with serving up something that may have a trace of the dreaded allergen. The nature of some dietary requests, being so specific, that a full scrub down of the kitchen would be in order to assure a risk-free meal. Instead, some restaurants kindly refuse to play ball.

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Dining Out with Food Allergies & Intolerances: Now There’s an App for That

4 Sep

(EON: Enhanced Online News)–Millions of people with food allergies and intolerances struggle to find restaurants that will accommodate their dietary requirements. Now, there’s an app for that. AllergyEats (www.allergyeats.com), the biggest and fastest growing online source for finding allergy-friendly restaurants, has just launched a free app for the iPhone and Android smartphones, allowing users to access this valuable, peer-based resource anytime, from anywhere.