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‘Flourishing with Food Allergies’ Receives First-Rate Reviews

7 Nov

A. Anderson’s book, Flourishing with Food Allergies, recently received over twenty first-rate reviews from book reviewers, food allergy leaders and parents. It is named as a highlighted title for superior levels of creativity, originality, and high standards of design by Jenkins Group.

Flourishing covers the childhood allergies of peanut, tree nut, dairy, egg, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish and how they affect infants, toddlers, and children, as well as ADHD, autism and asthma. Reviews and book details can be found at: http://www.flourishingwithfoodallergies.com.

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Photos: ‘World’s First Food Allergy Musican’ Preforms at The Roads School – Encinitas, CA Patch

7 Nov

Thursday, Nov. 3, Kyle Dine, the ‘world’s first food allergy musician’ bedazzled 300 Encinitas students at The Rhoades School as he sang songs, played the guitar, and hosted an interactive discussion to increase food allergy awareness.

Thanks to his performance, the kids at The Rhoades School are now more aware of the simple things they can do to keep their food allergic friends safe at school, including washing the hands regularly, for example. This was the first school in California where Kyle Dine has preformed.

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Researchers Develop Improved Food Allergy Training

9 Oct

Researchers Develop Improved Food Allergy Training.

“Consumers with allergies are frustrated,” said the principal investigators. “They are actually putting their lives in danger by buying and consuming food prepared by someone else. There is a need for consumer education to make sure the customer clearly communicates what his or her specific needs are to the restaurant staff. But even with that communication, people are still frustrated by the apparent inability of food service operations to assure allergen-free food.”