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The Tragedy of Peanut Allergy Anaphylaxis

8 Apr

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This month’s main article will touch many hearts. Dee Benson, mom to Laura, lost her beautiful 18 year old daughter to peanut-induced anaphylaxis in 2004. She’s never told Laura’s story and wanted to tell all of you about her. It’s heart-wrenching to realize that we really do deal with life and death when managing food allergies.


New Research Offers Insight Into Why Peanut Allergies Develop

6 Apr

New Research Offers Insight Into Why Peanut Allergies Develop.

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A study funded by the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (or FAAN) recently uncovered potential clues to why peanut allergies develop in some children, but not others. Researchers are trying to answer this question in order to learn how to prevent peanut allergies from occurring in the first place.

Researchers at the Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, St. Thomas’ Hospital in London, looked at the blood cells of children with peanut allergy and compared them to children who are not allergic to peanuts. They keyed in on the immune cells that respond to the peanut allergen, and learned that these lymphocytes appear to carry a surface marker – an “address” offering clues about where the peanut allergen was first encountered. They found different markers depending on whether the exposure occurred through the skin (environmental exposure) or through the gut, and learned that the marker for skin was associated with a peanut allergy diagnosis.

Researchers Develop New, More Accurate Test For Peanut Allergy Diagnosis

26 Mar

Researchers Develop New, More Accurate Test For Peanut Allergy Diagnosis. via PeanutAllergy

Australian researchers have recently developed a new way of conducting peanut allergy tests that promises to be less invasive and more accurate than previously used methods. The researchers, from the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and University of Melbourne, set out to develop a test that was simpler and less risky than an oral food challenge.


A future without food allergies? Quite possibly.

19 Nov

A charming explanation of the recent development in research into treatment for peanut allergy.

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This is the part where science fixes everything: researchers at Northwestern Universityhave developed a technique that effectively cures peanut allergies in mice, and would presumably work in humans as well. Not only that, but the technique could easily be applied to eradicate an allergy to eggs, or strawberries, or shellfish…whatever your immune system has been keeping you from enjoying.

Thanks, science.

Avoiding eating peanuts may not save children from allergy | Scoop News

27 Sep

Avoiding eating peanuts may not save children from allergy | Scoop News.

“A child doesn’t just suddenly become allergic to peanuts,” says Prof Le Gros. “Their immune system has to have seen the peanuts beforehand, and become sensitised to them. It is the resulting runaway immune response that is responsible for the symptoms of food allergy such as swelling, skin irritations and breathing difficulties.”

“Parents of allergic children will often say however that their child has never eaten peanuts, so we wanted to know how and why these children go on to develop peanut allergies.”

Is the peanut-free table causing segregation in schools? – OC Moms – The Orange County Register

23 Sep

Is the peanut-free table causing segregation in schools? – OC Moms – The Orange County Register.

Dealing with peanuts in the public school is not a small issue. It is hard for schools to ask parents to not include peanut butter in lunches when their kids aren’t allergic. Parents want the right to pack whatever nutritious food they choose. 

Gluten & Peanut Allergies | LIVESTRONG.COM

10 Sep

Gluten & Peanut Allergies | LIVESTRONG.COM.

Gluten Allergy

A gluten allergy is a condition that does not stem from a direct immune system overreaction like other allergies, like a peanut allergy, for example.

Peanut Allergy

The University of Chicago reports that a peanut allergy is the third most common food allergy among young children and the most prevalent in older children and adults.

A New Research on Peanut Allergy – Associated Content from Yahoo! – associatedcontent.com

10 Sep

Presently, there are approximately 3 million Americans who are allergic to peanuts and peanut products.

via A New Research on Peanut Allergy – Associated Content from Yahoo! – associatedcontent.com.

They are hoping that this patch will desensitize allergic patients by exposing them to gradual increased amounts of peanut protein in the same way that allergy shots can desensitize people to pollen. The protein would be delivered through the skin from a patch the same way that nicotine patches are used by people who are trying to give up tobacco.