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Food Allergy and Field Trips: How to Keep Kids Safe

23 Apr

via the Nut-free Mom blog.

Field trips for kids with food allegies can be a real concern for parents. Visit Jenny’s post here.

I’ve chaperoned many field trips over the years and I’ve learned a lot about avoiding potential food allergy field trip pitfalls. Even if you can’t personally attend the field trip, you can still take steps to create a safer experience.


Have your child eat lunch in view of the teacher. Many allergic kids will get an “honor spot” next to or near to the teacher at lunchtime so that the teacher can easily keep an eye on them.


The Nut-Free Mom Blog: Food Allergies at School? “Safe” Easter Party Strategies

27 Mar

The Nut-Free Mom Blog: Food Allergies at School? “Safe” Easter Party Strategies.

Another great post from the nut-free mom, covering some clever tips and suggestions on dealing with Easter Parties at school for kids with food allergies.

Based on my own experiences and my own observations at numerous school parties over the years, I have some suggestions about how to make parties safe for everyone, fun for everyone and definitely less stressful for parents, teachers and kids.

3. Emphasize non-edible activities. There is too much food at school and frankly, most teachers are probably not enjoying the sugar buzz that the candy creates in the classroom. What about some fun, creative crafts? Younger kids love to make things!

Avoiding Food Allergens On College Campuses

11 Mar


With every college campus offering at least one dining hall, are there enough choices to accommodate everyone? According to the TexasUniversity Star, the food in many college cafeterias does not offer appropriate food for college students with severe food allergies.

A Mom’s Perspective: A Guide to Registering Your Food Allergic Child for Kindergarten » SnackSafely.com

7 Mar

A Mom’s Perspective: A Guide to Registering Your Food Allergic Child for Kindergarten » SnackSafely.com.

The day has finally arrived: It’s time to register your food allergic child for kindergarten! Typical parents experience a plethora of emotions during this time including a dose of anxiety

School-based asthma, food allergy policies lacking | National Nursing News

9 Nov

School-based asthma, food allergy policies lacking

via School-based asthma, food allergy policies lacking | National Nursing News.


While thousands of local schools and districts may show innovation and leadership in support of students and staff with asthma and allergies, strong state-wide policies are lacking throughout the U.S., according to the AAFA.

“In fact, 12 states failed to achieve even half of the core policy standards,” Charlotte Collins, JD, AAFA’s vice president of policy and programs, said in the news release. 

Food allergies affecting more children nationwide | cleveland.com

5 Oct

Food allergies affecting more children nationwide | cleveland.com.

About 25 percent of children surveyed reported a peanut allergy, followed by milk at 21 percent, and shellfish at 17 percent. Kids with peanut and tree nut allergies had the most severe reactions with symptoms of anaphylaxis, wheezing or low blood pressure, according to the study. 


Parents of children with severe allergies can request a 504 plan — named for the section in the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 — be developed with school officials.

“This allergy action plan outlines the condition, limitations, classroom management and what needs to be done should the child have an allergic reaction,” said Ann M. Connelly, supervisor of the Ohio Department of Health’s school nursing program.

Iowa School District – experiences with Food Allergy

2 Oct

ICCSD aids kids with food allergies

ICCSD health services director Susie Poulton said 150 students reported some form of food allergy this school year, including 95 who are allergic to peanuts. Another 26 students have an allergy to milk, she said. This mirrors the rest of the nation, where according to the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network, nearly 6 million children have a food allergy.

Poulton said food allergies appear to be on the rise, partially because of the district’s growth and a more diverse student body.

“I think parents are doing a better job of notifying us,” she said. “We’ve (also) seen an increase in health conditions, such as diabetes, as we grow.”


Back to School Food Allergy Stress: Child vs Parent | Nonuttin Notes

26 Sep

Back to School Food Allergy Stress: Child vs Parent | Nonuttin Notes.

Who knew that when starting at a new school that my food allergic child would cause more stress than the school itself? 

4 Ways to Empower Kids with Food Allergies

24 Sep

4 Ways to Empower Kids with Food Allergies.

According to a recent study by the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, 30% of students with food allergies have been bullied or teased by their peers about their allergy.


Ask Teachers to Talk about Food Allergies in the Classroom
In many instances, food allergy bullying stems from a lack of understanding. Young children who have never been exposed to food allergies might have trouble comprehending the dire consequences that can arise when a food allergic child is exposed to certain allergens. Teachers can help alleviate this issue by starting the school year off with a discussion about food allergies. Social worker Judy S. Freedman, author of “Easing the Teasing” suggests using books such as “Taking Food Allergies to School” by Helen Weiner as a springboard for this type of discussion.  


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Food Allergy Walk Highlights What Not to Eat – Tucker, GA Patch

23 Sep

Food Allergy Walk Highlights What Not to Eat – Tucker, GA Patch.

Some things sufferers do to arm themselves are as simple as carrying an Epi-Pen, seeing the allergist regularly and always being careful about what and where they eat.

“Unfortunately, we have seen two fatalities related to food allergies in Atlanta in the last few weeks,” she said. “One was a high school student who ate a chocolate chip cookie at Wal-Mart in Loganville and the other was a Kennesaw State student that passed away after eating in the dining hall.”